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Welcome to Perfect Lawn Services and Landscaping:

Spring is coming! Old man winter will soon disappear. Now is the time to prepare your lawn & landscaping so you will be able to enjoy them for the length of the summer. 

February, March, and April are the months to focus on clean up/repair, weeding, trimming & pruning, planting, mulching and feeding. Our company has consistently provided these services to our customers for over fifteen years now.

We do all types of property clean up and repair. From residential to commercial, we have the capability to handle all jobs. If you have yard waste or general maintenance we can take care of it. Perhaps you need a fence repaired, dead spots in your lawn repaired, or landscaping that needs sprucing up, from small to large, we will assess the need, and make recommendations to remedy the problem. 

Weeding is very important for healthy growth of flowers, grass, and trees. Taking care of weeds will allow proper feeding and watering to plants and trees. Also, creating a better appearance overall. Twenty-five square feet of grass, not weeds, converts enough carbon dioxide into oxygen for one person a day.

Specific pruning techniques will promote flowering and fruiting stems to form. Trimming and pruning helps to create space, lifts the tree or shrub, and shapes. Late Winter & Early Spring is the perfect time to trim back shrubs & ornamental grass such as monkey grass. While the leaves are still off most deciduous trees and shrubs, spring is the time to find wood damaged from the harshness of winter, and easier to identify areas with crossing growths and disease. 

Many rewards come throughout the summer from planting. Planting bulbs, trees, annuals, perennials, and grass in the spring ensures you will have color and beauty spring through fall. After the winter months feeding is crucial. Winter takes out nutrients that are necessary for healthy growth of plants, trees, and lawns. Feeding helps to put important nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus back into lacking lawns & plants.

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Some great services for spring also include: Sod Installation, Aeration/Aerating, Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing to Clean Off Winters Grim & Irrigation Start Up.

Here at Perfect Lawn Services we believe in quality service from the ground up. With our experience, know-how and highly trained staff, we are keeping lawn & landscapes looking "Perfect."